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Replacing Ensolite Wall Covering

I am going to start this article off with trying to convince you NOT to replace the ensolite insulation on your Boler, there is no alternative that will match the functionality and durability of this material.  It is no longer available so you will be installing an inferior product.  Before replacing first try cleaning the surface, if that does not achieve the results you are looking for you can paint the lining following these instructions Painting Ensolite.

Leaving the walls bare fibreglass or spraying them with truck bed liner are not an alternative, the biggest problem with these trailers is condensation.  Without any insulation the condensation that forms, even from just one person sleeping in the trailer will create enough moisture in the trailer that water will collect and run down the walls.  OK, so you have tried everything or a previous owner has stripped the ensolite out, well all is not lost.  In my opinion there are a number of alternatives that can be used on the wall, most involve the frustrating process of fitting and sectioning pieces to conform to the compound curves of the walls and ceiling.


Option #1 – Reflectix silver bubble insulation, this is a reflective radiant type insulation available at most home improvement stores.  It is very inexpensive, use a good quality contact cement to adhere it to the walls.  With the interior of your Boler now looking like the inside of a stainless steel mixing bowl, most want to make it look better.  The standard covering is to use Marine Hull Liner, this can be found in a material, carpet or soft vinyl type materials, it stretches so it is easier install and conform to the compound curves using 3M General Trim Adhesive



Option #2 – Closed Cell Foam covered by Marine Hull Liner, like the original ensolite you can cover the walls with a 1/4″ closed cell foam like ensolite, neoprene or similar.  Closed cell foams do not absorb any moisture making them very suitable for this application, in fact this is what was used originally except does not have the tough vinyl covering.  Working with the foam is similar to the Reflectix, the foam is adhered to the wall with a compatible contact cement or 3M General Trim Adhesive followed by covering with marine hull liner.


Option #3 – Carpet, probably the least popular alternative is Olefin (polypropylene) carpet which is still used today by companies like Casita as their wall covering.  Using carpet you are installing a lower level of insulation but you don’t have to add a cover layer.  Also with carpet the seams are fairly easy to hide.



Option #4Thermal Cork Insulation, this is a new product on the market designed for commercial and residential use, it need to be applied by a professional using spray equipment which would increase the cost but the product appears to have all the desired qualities needed.  I am sure there are a number of companies offering this product, the link is one I know will be coating several Boler’s this spring

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  1. Greg
    | Reply

    Looking for the owner of the Trillium molds, especially the 15ft. And if they would be for sale?

    • Ian
      | Reply

      The Trillium moulds and Trade Mark were purchased by Happier Camper in the USA, they are updating the moulds and will soon release new models based on the original Trillium. In Canada Outback trailers uses a 13′ Trillium mould to produce their trailers

  2. Nicole
    | Reply

    So, I am one of the unlucky ones who needs to replace the insulation in my boler (wasn’t salvageable). Has anyone done this lately and can tell me best products to use and any tips for all the round corners? Can I use regular vinyl from fabric store on top of reflectix or does it need to be marine hull liner? Any input is appreciated as I know condensation is an issue!

    • Ian
      | Reply

      Hi Nicole As mentioned in the article the choices are not great. A closed cell foam material is the best, the highest insulation value is to use ensolite, although ensolite with a vinyl surface is not found any more. The advantage of marine hull liner is that is stretches in all directions making it easier to apply to the compound curves, fabric store vinyl usually has very little stretch.

  3. Randy
    | Reply

    Look into Vipeq thermal spray cork. 26 colours sprays directly onto the fibreglass !
    We have done many boler’s and everyone loves it

    Randy @innovative cork.com

    • Roberta Glover
      | Reply

      Hi Randy, I have a square 16 ft Boler. Unfortunately after my husband past it was left sitting and I did not tend to it as I should have. They did not use ensolite but a quilted pattern vinyl product on these models.There was water and dampness underneath so we pulled it all out. The trailer is now road worthy and I am ready to start the inside. I am interested in the cork option. Where are you located? The company listed does have a place in Mississauga that is not too far from me. Wonder if you have any contact info. Do you have pictures or info you can share. I assume that goes directly over the fibreglass no other insulation first. Wiring and plumbing work wold have to be completed first. Just wanted clarification on the order. Do not know much about this type of Reno.thank you

  4. Christopher Chaisson
    | Reply

    My Boler had its linner replaced with carpet from the Scamp trailer company but the carpet is starting to fall as the glue failed. Is there an adhesive you would recommend?

    • Ian
      | Reply

      I don’t have any direct experience with the Scamp carpet wall covering but normally a high quality contact cement is used for wall coverings. With this being said if the carpet has a course woven backing, contact cement may not hold well so one option would be an outdoor carpet adhesive BUT if you go this route there is no going back, carpet adhesive is thick and will leave a course residue on the walls if you need to remove the carpet in the future. Also make sure the off gassing from adhesive is not harmful.

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