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Latest Boler Articles

Hitching & Hook-up Checklist
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RV / Trailer Drive Away Check List   Inside Checks Windows Closed Blinds Secure Tank Levels Thermostat Off Water Heater Off Water Pump Off Battery Shut-Off Switch ON Shower/Sink Drains Closed Stove Cover... Read More

Painting the Ensolite Wall Covering
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Cleaning the Interior Lining and Fiberglass The interior lining or insulation was a very high tech product in the 1970 made from a closed cell foam called ensolite laminated to a tough vinyl... Read More

Torsion Axle – everything you want to know
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Boler Axle The original Boler came equipped with an Ingersoll Rub-R-Ride rubber torsion axle and later was replaced with the Dexter Torflex. Rubber torsion axles are a good system that requires little servicing... Read More

Replacing Ensolite Wall Covering
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I am going to start this article off with trying to convince you NOT to replace the ensolite insulation on your Boler, there is no alternative that will match the functionality and durability... Read More

Care & Cleaning of the Acrylic Windows
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I am going to start this section with a warning: DO NOT USE GLASS CLEANERS ON THE FRONT & REAR WINDOWS, ammonia and vinegar based products will etch the surface and cause the windows... Read More