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Parts – Where to Find Boler Parts

Many of the parts for your Boler are available from your local RV parts counter, but if you ask them for a Boler part the usual response is “we don’t have anything that will work”

I am constantly updating the following is a list of parts with links to suppliers that I either have personal experience with or has received top reviews through other Boler owners

Bargman L400 Door Lock (discontinued) (Sold Out)

The Bargman L400 Lock was discontinued many years ago and very difficult to find and expensive. The only available replacement kit available through Camping Treasures will replace the Bargman L400 lock with a modern RV Lock
Camping Treasures

1968-74 boler Door Lock Replacement Kit

Securly lock your older 1968-74 boler from the inside & out. Replace the "L" handle with this modern RV Lock with deadbolt
Camping Treasures

1975-88 boler Door Lock Replacement Kit

Replaces the discontinued Bargman L400 or Lyster door lock on your Boler with this kit
Camping Treasures

Boler / Scamp Hinge Repair Kit

Boler, Scamp, seldom need replacing. Installing this high quality stainless steel repair kit will have your hinges working like new The kit includes everything you will need to rebuild both hinges, one kit is all you need for your trailer:
Camping Treasures

Window Gravel Guard Hardware

Replace the worn, broken or rusting hardware on your gravel guard with this marine grade stainless steel. Includes stainless steel hangers, stainless steel latches with integrated safety catch & optional stainless steel fasteners
Camping Treasures

Jalousie Window Operator

Limited Supply available NOW!!! Jalousie side window operator for windows with a slanted lower sill.
Camping Treasures

Window Crank Handle

Replace those missing or broken window crank handles
Vintage Trailer Supply

boler Emblem

Reproduction emblems are made using the original Boler emblem 6.75”w x 2″h Available with or without mounting holes and include a display stand.

boler Emblem

Vintage Boler emblem machined from 1/4" solid aluminum. Available in the brushed aluminum finish or black
Modish Metal Art

Bargman Water Filler (discontinued)

The Bargman Water Fillers are a discontinued item. You may find old stock online.

Vintage ABS Water Filler

These vintage ABS water fill are a good replacement option. Please check to make sure this size is a good replacement for your original.
Vintage Trailer Supply

Scamp Door Hinges

If the door hinges on your Boler are beyond repair or missing then the only solution are Scamp hinges. Never install a standard type hinge on your Boler, They will bind and severe damage will occur

Door Latch Assembly

This door latch was used up to and including 1974
Vintage Trailer Supply

One-Piece Locking Gasket

This one piece locking gasket for the front & rear windows provides a very clean look. Ensure the locking flap is located on the OUTSIDE of the trailer. Use LK987 or AS987. Contact for pricing.
Finished Bizness Inc

Window with Locking Gasket Kit

This kit includes a high quality Makrolon GP Polycarbonate window (43 3/8" x 19 1/8" ), and 12.5' of TrimLok LK987 locking gasket. Fits Boler front or rear windows.
Icon Technologies

Gasket Installation Hook Tool

This tool comes in handy when installing the locking tab on the one piece window gasket
Vintage Trailer Supply

Butyl Tape

This is the only product to use for sealing windows, vents and lights. Don't be confused with the cheaper butyl putty, use the best, butyl tape
Vintage Trailer Supply

Stick-on Double Door Seal

This quality seal provides a double seal around the door. For best results apply around the door frame opening with the flap facing out. This is Trim-Lok seal, number 5036BT may also be available through other sources
Vintage Trailer Supply

Jalousie Window Header Seal

This seal runs along the top of Jalousie side window
Vintage Trailer Supply

Jalousie J- Seal

This seal is found on the sides & bottom om many Boler Jalousie windows to seal the opening window louvres to the frame
Vintage Trailer Supply

Jalousie Window Bottom Seal

This seal runs along the bottom of many Jalousie side window
Vintage Trailer Supply

Lock Strip Installation Tool

This tool is a must have to install the lock strip into the 2 piece window gasket
Vintage Trailer Supply

Reflect-O-Lite 110 150 Lens (discontinued)

Sorry to get your hopes up but the original Boler taillight have been discontinued. Look through the other lights in this section for alternative ideas

Trail Lite No.98/99 Complete Assembly

The closest replica to the original Boler taillight is the Trail Lite No.98/99
Vintage Trailer Supply

7 in. LED Stop/Turn/Tail Transit Light

Although no retro this light is a great substitute. This LED light is bright and fits almost perfect Watch for it to go on sale
Princess Auto

4 in. LED Stop/Turn/Tail Light

For those with original lights who want to upgrade to LED this complete unit fits inside the "hat" area of the original lens (this is what I use)
Princess Auto

4 x 2 in. LED Marker Light

The same size and look as the original but with the reliability and brightness of LED
Princess Auto

2-7/8 in. LED Marker Light

For a smaller and sleeker look these small LED marker lights are clear when off and coloured when on. This is what I am using
Princess Auto

Stainless Steel License Plate Light

This is one of the only stainless steel license plate lights & holders available. A great vintage look
Vintage Trailer Supply

Metal Roof Vent

Upgrade your small 9"x9" roof vent to this sturdy 14"x14" vent Made from galvanized steel this vent will last a lifetime
Vintage Trailer Supply

Fan-Tastic Vent 14"x14"

Another great upgrade is to install this power roof vent. The original vent opening will need to be cut larger a bit larger but you will appreciate the benifits
Vintage Trailer Supply

DIY Power Roof Vent

If you are into DIY make your own. Very quiet and low current draw. Follow my plans to make this using the Metal Roof Vent

Dexter #9 Torflex Axle

The original replacement for your worn axle. Check the linked website for a distributor near you

Flexiride Adjustable Axle

This axle provides the option of being able to adjust the ride height, but the suspension arm arm shorter than the original so this axle needs to be relocated on the frame. Check website for a distributor near you.

Baby Moon Hubcaps

Dress up your Boler with a set of these baby moon hubcaps. The customer reviews on these are 4.5 stars
Vintage Trailer Supply

MAXXIS M8008 ST Radial Tires

I rate these as the best trailer tire, it is important to buy the best, a tire blow out on a Boler is disastrous Standard size 175/80R13

boler Frame by Metro Centre

Metro Centre is located in the birthplace of the boler
Metro Centre

boler Frames by METAL ARC

Located in Red Deer Alberta, METAL ARC makes boler frames
Meta Arc

Shady Boy Awning

This is my preferred awning. When stowed it is compact fitting into a 4' aluminum case. Assembly is quick it opens up to a 6'x10' awning
Shady Boy

Update Coming Soon

Awnings & Add-A-Rooms for Boler's and other fibreglass trailers

Custom Rope & Pole Awning

S-Sew-S will make an awning to your custom size and colour

Premium Pole & Rope Awning

Boler, Trillium & Shasta Available in different colours
Vintage Trailer Supply

Bee-2-Gether Covers

Chad & Kim at Bee-2-Gether make these custom covers specifically to fit your boler or any trailer when supplied accurate measurements.
Bee-2-Gether Covers

The Cushion Lady

Shelly Labbe, located in Calgary, Alberta, offers great service and quality. She has great experience sewing boler cushions
The Cushion Lady

Key Chains

Boler, Trillium, Escape and Shasta 2 sided key chains Available in different colours
Camping Treasures


Boler, Trillium & Shasta Available in different colours
Camping Treasures


Boler, Trillium, and Shasta 2 sided necklace Available in different colours
Camping Treasures

Wine Charms

Boler, Trillium & Shasta a fun way to identify your wine glass
Camping Treasures

Casita Travel Trailer A-Z Owner's Guide

Loaded with everything you need to know about buying and maintaining a Casita.
Love My Casita

18 Responses

  1. Greg Pittman
    | Reply

    Hi Ian,

    Just letting you know that I received the door pin replacement ki today.

    Many Thanks


  2. Garry Wellman
    | Reply

    I want to purchase parts for a 1976 boler trailer. Would like a phone number.
    I am in Calgary
    403 25 8203

    • Ian
      | Reply

      To contact me just use the contact form in the website, that will email me directly.

  3. Greg Escaper
    | Reply

    I have been looking for these parts for a long time now, but I could not find them anywhere. I really appreciate this help by giving a guide to buying all of these parts for my RV.

  4. Evan
    | Reply

    Looking for a electric cord outside door/flap

    • Ian
      | Reply

      Including the year and model (13′ or 17′) would be very helpful, but if it is the electrical outlet with a removable cord it is probably the Bargman 35 Amp connector which was discontinued many years ago and the outlet or parts are no longer available. Best to update to a modern 30 Amp RV or marine outlet.

  5. Tracey
    | Reply

    Hi there, I am looking to purchase a 17 foot boler but the door has no window it it. Is it possible to get one installed or do you know where I could find a boler door with window? Thank you

    • Ian
      | Reply

      A window is relatively easy to install in a door. Small RV windows approx 16″ wide and about 12″ tall are available through companies like Sun-View Industries (https://www.sunviewindustries.ca/products.htm) or you could check with your local RV parts store. The 17′ boler used 2 different doors, one what curved to follow the body line and one was flat. The curved door on many 17′ boler’s is made from fibreglass and is usually hollow, you may need to add some support inside the door where you cut out the window opening to allow the window to clamp onto something solid and prevent the door from collapsing (being squished for lack of a better term).

  6. Nick
    | Reply

    An excellent collection of parts – thank you very much, but I would like to know the price right away. Can you add?

    • Ian
      | Reply

      The list of parts I list here are from a variety of suppliers who sell directly to customer’s like yourself. I have selected them based on quality of the part, high customer service and reasonable shipping costs. Since I don’t have control over the inventory or the prices these companies charge, or the shipping costs, I feel the best solution is to provide a link to the item so you can see the current price, availability and convenience of ordering the item directly from that supplier’s site.

  7. Wayne Pickford
    | Reply

    I have a 1970 boler trailer. The door is saturated with water in lower half of door . Im goiing to try and repair but may be better off just finding a door for sale. Any idea on where i would start to look?


    • Ian
      | Reply

      Hi Wayne, what you describe can happen, if the window or door handle leak water can get inside the door. Some boler doors are hollw but others have a wood fibre core that expands when it gets wet and can deform the door. Everyone should drill holes along the bottom edge of the door to allow any water that gets inside the door to drain out. Good news, Little Camper Painter in Calgary has set-up to make boler doors. Their website is https://finishedbiz.ca/about-us-1

  8. Robert
    | Reply

    Is there a replacement for the elephant skin. I’m going to start the ground up restoration of my 73 13’ boler

    • Ian
      | Reply

      Here is my article on the interior insulation, but as the article mentions I really encourage you to try to save the original ensolite. No modern product offers the insulating quality or the functionality of the original Replacing-ensolite-wall-covering/

  9. Sue
    | Reply

    Hi, You had mentioned to try and save the origianl ensolite by first trying to clean the surface, if that does not achieve the results you are looking for you can paint the lining. Could you please advise on how to clean this popcorn surface and if not what type of paint product would you recommend?
    Thank you!

  10. Brian Quinn
    | Reply

    I have a 1975 Boler 13 with a Bargman door lock. Can you tell me how to remove the inside lever handle so that I can remove the lock and repair the warn sliding bolt?

    • Ian
      | Reply

      Once you have removed the 4 screws the handle and the inside plate pull straight off. Sometimes the handle could have some rust or corrosion on it and sometimes the inner plate is stuck to the inside of the door with caulking.

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