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SUNCLOSE Roof Umbrella – Product Review

As we all know the inside of a Boler can get hot …. really hot, and for many adding air conditioning is not an option.  The roof structure is not strong enough to support a standard RV roof style AC unit (don’t even think of trying to mount one), and although the portable ones can be mounted and installed in the closet or under the kitchen cabinet or dinette with the proper venting they were not an option for me.

In researching other random products I came across the SUNCLOSE car sun shade umbrella, designed and patent in China. It claimed to reduce the inside temperature of your car by up to 25°C (45°F), block 98% UV rays, withstand winds of 30kph (20mph), and it measures 126 x 86 x 17 inches …. a Boler is 120″x78″ … worth trying, so I ordered one with the optional stand that allows it to be used as a separate umbrella.

First impression, it is VERY well made, high quality material, even though many of the connectors are plastic extra replacement parts are included in the packaging.  Assembly is fast just like shown in the video, it sits on four soft rubber feet the fit nicely on the Boler roof.  The included straps that are designed to clamp through the car doors are useless for this application, I used four guy ropes, one attached to each corner and tied those to the bumper and frame.  I suggest closing the roof vent when installing it but we were able to open our 14″x14″ vent at least half way with the umbrella installed.

This shows the SUNCLOSE shade over the trailer with the Shady Boy awning


My unscientific test results:  I am impressed with the material and build quality, the pole system and fabric are top notch.  St-up is easy and it fits the 13′ Boler roof very well.  We tested it for 2 days in Osoyoos B.C.  Temperatures were around 30°C with direct sun on the Boler roof.  We tested this time with all the windows and door open, roof vent open 50% and the power roof fans running.  Without the umbrella shade the inside temperature of the Boler was around 6°C to 8°C hotter than the outside air, with the SUNCLOSE umbrella installed the difference between the inside and outside temperatures were only 2°C to 3°C warmer inside.  I want to test more with fewer windows open but in these temperatures I am sure everyone would have their windows open as we did.   It also handled the wind very well, we had to take our awning down but the SUNCLOSE stayed up without a concern with the light breezes we had.


The following video shows setting it up on a car, I will eventually make one for the Boler



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  1. barbe s
    | Reply

    What a great idea! This Car Sunshade Umbrella looks efficient… what was the price and where is it sold? Is it also water resistant?

    • Ian
      | Reply

      I brought several of these in directly from China, to find a supplier Google “sunclose car shade” there are a number of listings that include a company called YEEGE
      They are waterproof but there are also several vents in the design which would allow some rain to get through

  2. Sam
    | Reply

    Where did you purchase it? I tried a quick google search and I don’t recognize any suppliers to Canada? What was the cost?

    • Ian
      | Reply

      I brought several of these in directly from China, to find a supplier Google “SUNCLOSE car shade” there are a number of listings that include a company called YEEGE. My cost was around $225 CAD with shipping, duty and exchange. There are no distributors in Canada at this time.

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