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Window Trim – Update Your Side Windows with Aluminum

The black vinyl trim on the side jalousie windows is a decorative trim that covers the screws or rivets mounting the windows to the fibreglass body.  As the vinyl trim ages it shrinks, exposing the mounting flange.  It is easy enough to replace this trim with new vinyl trim insert, available at any RV parts or repair shop in a variety of colours, but I wanted something that would last forever and look great.

My solution was to use anodized aluminum edging available a many home improvement stores, I bought mine at Home Depot in Canada, it comes in 8′ lengths and is quite easy to work with.

Here shows the original vinyl trim, this was new and installed just 3 years ago, you can see how much it has shrink exposing the mounting rail behind it.

 The aluminum moulding comes is 8′ lengths, one length is needed for each side window.  It cuts easily with a hand hacksaw then file the cut end to smooth it out and remove any sharp edges and corners.


To install it I drilled out the end rivets on each side, with the aluminum moulding cut to length I held the moulding in position while a helper drilled through the rivet holes from the inside.  Using 8-32×1″ machine screws (small nuts and bolts) I inserted the screw from the outside through the aluminum trim, I installed a 1/8″ thick nylon washer between the new trim and the window flange to apply pressure to the flange with a little butyl tape around the hole for sealing, then used a small washer and nut on the inside.

4 Responses

  1. Nathalie Robitaille
    | Reply

    Bonjour !
    Où peut-on acheter ces fenêtres en aluminium ?
    J’ai une Boler 1973 et je dois changer mes deux fenêtres .

    Merci !

    • Ian
      | Reply

      If you have the original windows they can be rebuilt, new seals are available. New windows like the originals are no longer available new,you can try to find used windows, many vintage trailers used these windows in different sizes.

      • Nathalie
        | Reply

        Thanks !

        I need to change the little window above the oven. Do you known if this kind of window still available?

        Thank you so much!

        • Ian
          | Reply

          The same small window like above your stove or in the door are not available new. Many vintage campers used this window so check the used market or local RV used part operations. The small window is 6″ high and 18″ wide, there are new radius windows available that are 12″ high and 18″ wide, check online or you could have one custom make by companies like Sunview Industries in BC

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