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Solar Systems

I am not an expert in solar so I am going to leave it to an experienced expert to cover this topic.  There is a lot of information on solar systems especially from companies selling solar products, I like information from experts who actually use it and need it every day.  Meet HandyBob a retired electrical engineer who boondocks full time and relies on his solar system for all his power needs. The following is a link to his blog, it is filled with information, not just on solar systems but also boondocking and living off the grid in general. Enjoy reading….

HandyBob’s Blog – Making off grid RV electrical systems work

  1. […] SolarSolar panels are a great addition and have made boondocking for longer periods of time easier. I often get asked “Can I run a refrigerator on solar?”. The easy answer is you cannot run anything on a solar panel, let me clarify. A solar panel is a sun powered battery charger, during the day it recharges your batteries, your electrical devices use the power stored in the batteries, a solar panel recharges and maintains the energy in your batteries. The size or output of the solar panels you need depends on several factors including: the capacity of your battery or batteries, how much power you use, the amount of sun and time the panel(s) are exposed to direct sun. Here is an article by an expert. […]

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